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Learn faster. Learn smarter.

I am passionate about technology and its impact on education. With the latest findings in neuroscience, artificial intelligence on the rise and the respective adaptive solutions we see the beginning of a new educational era.

Exciting times! Let’s create them together!

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Chris-T the Entrepreneur

I love bringing new ideas to life. Here are my current companies, investments and projects.

Founder talkREAL Institute

talkREAL offers professional language coaching services. Get your coach. Get multilingual.

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Founder YouDu App

Award winning language learning app. Upload a new language to your brain!

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Project Head

Testario is all about your strength, your learning style. With Testario’s test and seminars we help you hacking your studies!

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Owner crossRETURN

An investment company to (*surprise*) invest in interesting start-up ideas. More information is coming soon.

Chris-T the #EdTech Enthusiast

Projects and initiatives in the field of education technology.

EdTech Meetup Facilitator

Bi-monthly gathering in Frankfurt, Germany. All things education. All things tech.

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Founding Member Gesellschat für Bildungsinnovation e.V.

Shaping the future of education. We disrupt the innovative way. More information is coming soon.

Chris-T the Speaker

I love to help and share.
Especially, what I have learned
on my journey so far.

You are interested in an inspiring talk about start-ups, lean entrepreneurship, remote work or education technology. Well, let me be your guest.

On the right you’ll see my [German] talk at Webmontag, Frankfurt with the title “My teacher. My coach. My bot. Quo Vadis #EdTech?”

(Copyright and many thanks to Sebastian Greiner!)

Chris-T the Consultant

I love solving problems. In case you have one, let me know.
Together we will find a creative solution!

Future Work

Corporate innovation using lean startup techniques. Plus, how to set up successful remote teams. Equals, happy employees and economic profits.

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Future Education

I truly believe in an upcoming revolution in education. Augmented reality changes the way we work, adaptive technologies the way we learn. I support you incorporating technology to foster lifelong learning.

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Chris-T the Networker

Profiles on the web and upcoming events to meet in person.

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  • #EdTech Meetup RheinMain / Frankfurt / tbd

Of course, you can always reach out to me, using the contact form on this site.

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